Ultimate Floating Widgets v2.8 Release

Ultimate floating widgets v2.8 is now available. This is a maintenance release that includes a number of enhancements and bug fixes. It is now available for both free and PRO versions.

Please find the changelog below. You can also follow us on Twitter for latest updates @aakashweb

✨ Changelog

  • Fix: Support for gradient background colors in buttons.
  • Fix: Dedicated close button in popup is visible on small screens.
  • Fix: Invalid CSS value for close button.
  • Fix: Button has fade in effect when auto shown.
  • Fix: External close button is hidden when flyout popup is in open state.
  • PRO: Support for WPML language location rules filter.
  • PRO: Posts of all status are shown in location rules.

Getting the update

You can update the plugin directly from your WordPress administration page by navigating to Dashboard > Updates. This applies to both free and PRO versions of the plugin.

You can also download the free version of the plugin from and upload it manually. For the PRO version you can follow the documentation. If you haven’t got the PRO version yet, you can get it here.

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